Какова марка технического углерода по ASTM?


Defining the ASTM Grades of Carbon Black

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) categorizes different types of угольно черный based on their specific properties, using the ASTM International D1765 standard. By understanding these grades, individuals can make more informed decisions when selecting carbon black for various applications.


Understanding the Significance of ASTM Grades

  1. Quality Control: ASTM grades provide a standardized reference point, ensuring consistency and quality in the угольно черный industry.
  2. Specific Requirements: Different applications have unique requirements, and ASTM grades help identify carbon black with the appropriate properties for each.
  3. Technical Specifications: ASTM grades provide detailed technical specifications, making it easier for users to compare and select suitable carbon black.


A Closer Look at Common ASTM Grades

Among the many ASTM grades, the following are widely used in various industries:

  1. ASTM N110: Known for its high surface area, N110 carbon black is commonly used in rubber applications, providing reinforcement and durability.
  2. ASTM N220: With a higher structure and surface area compared to N110, N220 carbon black is preferred for demanding rubber applications where strength and reinforcement are critical.
  3. ASTM N330: Primarily used in printing inks and plastics, N330 carbon black offers excellent dispersion and coloring properties.


ASTM Grades and Their Diverse Applications

The versatility of carbon black extends across numerous industries, each with specific requirements for the ASTM grade:

  1. Rubber: N110, N220, and N330 grades are commonly used in rubber applications, providing reinforcement, durability, and color.
  2. Plastics: N330, N351, and N550 grades enhance the UV resistance, color, and conductivity of plastic products.
  3. Paints and Inks: N220, N330, and N660 grades contribute to the coloring, dispersion, and stability of paints and inks.

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Table 1: ASTM Carbon Black Grades and Applications

ASTM Grade Primary Applications
N110 Rubber reinforcement
N220 Rubber reinforcement, printing inks
N330 Printing inks, plastics, paints
N351 Plastics, paints
N550 Plastics, conductivity
N660 Paints, inks


Table 2: Properties of Common ASTM Carbon Black Grades

ASTM Grade Surface Area (m2/g) Structure
N110 85-105 Low
N220 115-135 Medium
N330 80-100 Medium
N351 75-95 High
N550 45-65 Very high
N660 35-55 Extremely high


Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q: What is the purpose of ASTM grades for carbon black?

 A: ASTM grades provide standardized specifications and ensure consistency in the industry.


Q: Which ASTM grade is suitable for rubber reinforcement? 

A: N110 and N220 grades offer excellent reinforcement properties for rubber applications.


Q: How do I determine the appropriate ASTM grade for my application? 

A: Consult the ASTM D1765 standard or seek guidance from industry experts.