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Carbon black is an amorphous form of carbon, with appearance characteristics of light, loose, and very fine black powder, it is the product of incomplete combustion or heat decomposition of carbon-containing materials ( coal, natural gas, heavy oil, fuel oil, etc . )under the condition of insufficient air.

Carbon black is the first nanomaterial developed and applied by human beings and has the largest output at present. It is listed as one of the products in the international chemical filed.

Carbon black is of great significance to the tire industry, coating, and ink industry, plastic industry and textile industry, etc.

Deryblack Special pigment carbon black is committed to improving the comprehensive performance of carbon black. products can replace international well-known brands.

special pigment carbon black

Carbon black used as coloring pigment in coatings paints , inks , plastic and pigment preparations etc.

cording to the coloring intensity ( or blackness ) and particle size , is generally divided into high pigment carbon black , medium pigment carbonegular pigment carbon black , low pigme

Furnace and channel process are the two mainly productions

rubber carbon black

Rubber carbon black belongs to carbon black, is to distinguish from special carbon black(used in ink, paint,etc.), mainly in rubber plays a reinforcing role. In general, the amount of rubber accounts for between 20%-70% of raw rubber,according to different rubber products.

Rubber carbon black is divided into high wear-resisting,reinforcing and semi-reinforcing varieties,including high wear-resisting N110,N220,N330,N339,N375, and semi-reinforcing N550,N660,N774,etc.

According different use of rubber products, choose different types of carbon black varieties.

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pigment liquid black

According to the coloring intensity ( or blackness ) and particle size , itis generalided into high pigment carbon black , medium pigment carbon black , regular pigment carbon black , low pigmentcarbon black

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