How much carbon black will be in tires?


This article will look at the amount of carbon black used in tires and the manufacturing process of carbon black. We will also discuss the price of carbon black and its impact on the environment.


What is carbon black? Why is carbon black used in tires?

Carbon black is a fine particulate substance made from carbon. It is highly absorbent and conductive, as well as being abrasion, weather, and chemical resistant. This makes carbon black an indispensable material in automobile tires. By mixing carbon black with rubber, you can increase the wear resistance, durability, and strength of your tires.


Carbon black content in tires

The amount of carbon black varies depending on tire type and use. Typically, the carbon black content in an average passenger car tire is about 20% to 30%. Since truck tires require higher durability and load-bearing capacity, the carbon black content may exceed 30%. The higher the carbon black content, the better the tire’s resistance to wear and cracking.


How much carbon black will be in tires?

Carbon black manufacturing process

Carbon black is primarily made by burning petroleum refining byproducts or natural gas. The process of making carbon black consists of two main steps: furnace combustion and post-processing. During the combustion stage in the furnace, the raw materials are heated to high temperatures and react with oxygen in the air to form carbon black particles. The carbon black is then washed, separated, and dried in a strictly controlled post-treatment process to remove impurities and obtain the desired physical and chemical properties.

carbon black price

The price of carbon black will be affected by many factors, such as raw material costs, manufacturing processes, and market supply and demand conditions. Generally speaking, the price of carbon black is relatively low, which is one of the reasons why it is widely used in tires and other rubber products. However, the price of carbon black can still fluctuate, especially if raw material prices increase or supply is tight.


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How much carbon black will be in tires?


Environmental impact of carbon black

Although carbon black plays an important role in tire manufacturing, its manufacturing process also has certain environmental impacts. Carbon black production releases large amounts of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, negatively impacting air quality and global climate change. Therefore, carbon black manufacturers need to continue their efforts in reducing energy consumption, improving processes, and adopting environmentally friendly measures to reduce the adverse environmental impact of the carbon black manufacturing process.


As an important component in tires, carbon black provides key properties such as wear resistance, weather resistance, and electrical conductivity. Although carbon black manufacturing has some impact on the environment, manufacturers are working to take steps to reduce its adverse impacts. By understanding the content of carbon black and its manufacturing process, we can better understand tire performance and environmental issues and promote sustainable development.