Release the advantages of carbon black pigment oxidation post-treatment



Carbon black is a versatile material known for its exceptional properties, playing a key role in numerous industries from automotive to cosmetics. Oxidation, as a post-treatment process, further enhances the performance of carbon black pigments, gives it unique advantages and opens up new possibilities for its application.


Release the advantages of carbon black pigment oxidation post-treatment


Enhance pigment performance

Increased surface area: Oxidation creates oxygen-containing groups on the surface of carbon black, increasing its specific surface area by up to 10 times. The increased surface area improves pigment loading and absorption, resulting in improved color intensity and opacity.

Improved dispersion: Oxidation changes the surface chemistry of the pigment, making it more compatible with solvents. This enhanced dispersion reduces agglomeration and ensures even distribution throughout the coating, resulting in a smooth, even finish.


Durability and performance

Enhanced UV resistance: Oxidation introduces chemical bonds that absorb and dissipate harmful UV radiation. Post-treated carbon black pigments have excellent UV resistance by protecting the base resin, ensuring long-lasting protection against fading and degradation.

Improved thermal stability: Oxidation strengthens the pigment’s structure and improves its thermal stability. This enhanced durability allows carbon black to withstand higher processing temperatures and harsh environments without compromising its performance.

Reduce carbon black migration: Oxidation forms an adhesive layer on the surface of carbon black to prevent migration and bleeding. This improved stability enhances the appearance of the coating by reducing staining and ensuring consistent color reproduction.


case analysis

Automotive applications: In the automotive industry, carbon black pigments undergo oxidation post-treatment to enhance the durability of automotive coatings and effectively resist weathering and ultraviolet radiation. This produces a longer-lasting, high-gloss finish that maintains its aesthetic value.

Cosmetic formulations: Oxidation can improve the dispersion of carbon black pigments in cosmetic formulations. This enhanced dispersion reduces settling and clumping, ensuring even color distribution and smooth, even application.

High-Performance Coatings: Oxidation post-treatment allows carbon black pigments to withstand the extreme conditions found in high-performance coatings. For example, in aerospace applications, oxidized carbon black pigments are resistant to heat, UV radiation and chemical exposure, providing superior protection and reliability.


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In summary

Oxidation post-treatment gives carbon black pigments enhanced performance, durability and environmental benefits. By unlocking these benefits, industries can improve performance, reduce environmental impact and increase design flexibility. Whether in automotive coatings, cosmetic formulations or high-performance applications, oxidized carbon black pigments continue to inspire innovation and drive progress.