What are the different grades of carbon black?


Carbon black is a type of fine particles made of carbon and has a wide range of applications. Different grades of carbon black differ in their physical properties, chemical properties and applications. Below are detailed answers to your questions:


What are the different grades of carbon black?


The role of carbon black:

Reinforcement materials: Carbon black can increase the strength, wear resistance and tensile resistance of composite materials such as rubber and plastics.Pigments and colorants: Carbon black is an important black pigment that can be used for coloring inks, paints, plastic products, etc.Conductive materials: Due to its conductive properties, carbon black is often used as a component of battery electrodes, conductive adhesives or conductive coatings.UV protectant: Carbon black is excellent at blocking ultraviolet radiation and can be used to make sunscreen products, plastic films, etc.


Reasons for different grades of carbon black:

The grade of carbon black depends on the parameter control during its production process, such as combustion conditions, combustion materials, reaction temperature, etc. These factors will affect the characteristics of carbon black, such as specific surface area, structural form, oxygen content, etc., thus forming different grades of carbon black.


The purpose of differentiating carbon black grades is to meet the specific performance needs of different industries and applications. Different grades of carbon black have different physical and chemical properties and therefore need to be classified and standardized to ensure that the carbon black performs optimally in a specific application.

Different grades of carbon black are available for a variety of application needs. For example, high wear-resistant grades of carbon black can be used to make wear-resistant rubber products, while high structural grades of carbon black can be used to enhance the strength and tensile properties of plastics. Different grades of carbon black also have different conductivity properties, coloring effects and UV protection effects.



Carbon black can be divided into the following main grades based on parameter control during its production process and differences in physical properties:


N220 grade: N220 grade carbon black has a higher surface area and lower structure, and its particle shape is spherical or similar to a spherical shape. It is widely used in rubber, plastics, inks, coatings and other industries.

N330 grade: N330 grade carbon black has a slightly lower surface area than N220 grade, but has a higher structure. It has good wear resistance and aging resistance and is usually used in rubber products, tires, plastic products, etc.

N550 grade: N550 grade carbon black has a lower surface area and a higher structure, and the particle shape is in the form of clusters or chains. It is commonly used in rubber processing, tire manufacturing, colored rubber products and other fields.

N660 grade: N660 grade carbon black has a relatively low surface area and structure, and the particle shape is flaky or similar to flakes. It is commonly used in rubber, plastic products, inks, cables, etc.

These grades of carbon black have their own advantages and applicability in different application fields. Which grade to choose depends on the product requirements and application needs.


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