Who is the best supplier of Gravure ink?


In the field of gravure printing, choosing a high-quality ink supplier is crucial to achieving excellent printing results and improving production efficiency. This article will introduce the advantages and functions of gravure printing inks, and recommend a reliable supplier, dery, to provide you with high-performance gravure printing ink products and high-quality services.


Advantages and functions of gravure printing ink:


Who is the best supplier of Gravure ink?

Gravure printing ink is a kind of ink specially designed for gravure printing and has the following advantages and functions:

High color reproduction: Gravure ink can accurately restore various colors in the design, making the printed matter bright and delicate.

Easy to control thickness: The viscosity and flow properties of gravure ink are controlled, and the thickness of the ink can be adjusted as needed to achieve the texture and effect of the printed matter.

Strong durability: Gravure ink has high durability after drying, and can maintain the color stability and durability of printed matter.

Applicable to a variety of materials: Gravure ink can be used to print a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, metal, etc., and has strong adaptability and wide application.


Dery: Your best gravure ink supplier:


Who is the best supplier of Gravure ink?


When choosing a gravure ink supplier, dery is your best choice. As a professional carbon black supplier, dery is committed to providing customers with high-quality gravure ink products and excellent services.

High-quality products: dery’s gravure ink products use high-quality raw materials and undergo sophisticated manufacturing processes to ensure high color reproduction and excellent printing effects.

Technical support: dery has a professional technical team that can provide customers with technical support and solutions in gravure printing to help customers achieve higher printing quality and production efficiency.

Customer customization: dery can provide personalized gravure ink products and solutions according to customer needs and requirements to meet the special needs of different printing projects.

Quality assurance: dery strictly controls product quality to ensure that each batch of gravure printing ink meets international standards and customer requirements, providing customers with reliable supply guarantee.


Choosing a high-quality gravure ink supplier is crucial to the quality and production efficiency of your prints. As a professional gravure printing ink supplier, dery can meet customers’ requirements for printing effects and production efficiency with high-quality products and excellent services. If you need high-performance gravure ink products and professional technical support, please contact dery and we will serve you wholeheartedly.